The 4 Point Inspection is required by insurance carriers typically for older homes to insure that the major components of a home are functioning and in good working order.

What are they looking for in these reports?

It has been our experience that insurance companies are generally looking for the systems inspected during a 4 Point Inspection to be in good working condition and updated when necessary. These systems should not pose any additional risk due to safety hazards, unsafe conditions or deferred maintenance. Example: leaks, unsafe or exposed electrical wiring, or outdated or overloaded electrical panels.

Are there special forms?

Citizens Insurance has approved the NACHI 4 Point Inspection Form to be accepted when completed by a Certified NACHI Member. Coral Insurance Company has an approved 4 Point Form. We have drafted our own form, which is accepted by other insurance underwriters.

Who can perform a 4 Point Inspection?

Most insurance companies require a licensed electrician, a general, building or residential contractor, a roofing contractor or a certified inspector to complete the 4 Point Inspection and certify the report.

Can I avoid a 4 Point Inspection if my insurance company has requested one?

It is often difficult to maintain coverage or acquire new insurance when a request for a 4 Point Inspection is ignored.

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