As a licensed Florida Building Inspector, PPI can provide contractors, homeowners, architects, and engineers the opportunity to receive professional field inspections that ensure the building being constructed meets all the requirements of the current Florida Building Code.

For design professionals, PPI has the knowledge to inspect projects for compliance with plans and specifications and provide detailed reports as necessary to identify problems. PPI has over 20 years in the construction industry and can provide a knowledgeable partner to help complete a successful project.

For homeowners, PPI can provide an independent 3rd party to regularly inspect, document, and manage your project as needed. Inspections can be as detailed or as general as desired. PPI can update an out of town owner with the status of construction or check questionable activities as needed.

Finance and Lending

PPI delivers construction draw inspection services to construction lenders of all sizes. We can use standard budgets provided by our clients or custom budgets of virtually every type. PPI provides an accurate and precise snapshot of each project under construction.

Contractors will request funds from their Lender in order to pay for specific construction components (i.e. foundations, rough-ins, dry-in, finishes, and final). PPI conducts on-site inspections to confirm that all material and workmanship is completed and in place prior to disbursement. Draw inspections are typically conducted on a monthly basis with an accompanying AIA G702 Draw Request Form, but can be performed as requested by the contractor or financial institution.

PPI documents the information obtained during the inspection in a report that records the percentage of completion observed for each construction component and the recommended dollar amount of funding.

Digital photos accompany all of our inspection reports. Each photo and line item is reviewed to determine the percentage of completion and how it relates to requested funding.

Detailed reporting assists clients in responding to any General Contractor concerns about their construction draw.

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